Using Twitter

Okay. Since MOST of my thoughts should belong to microblogging, I’ve been “test running” my account. So if you happen to read my weblog at “full full” versus “moblie” version, you will see around 20 items listed as a sidebar widget.

I really don’t know the difference with blogging, microblogging, asides, thoughts, etc. To me one is faster and shorter than the normal ones that can handle meaningful articles with the usage of “proper” grammar and spelling.

Right now there are ways to view my blog entries: “blog” cagetories, “blog” page, “posts” page, “archives” page and sidebar widgets for tags, too. *You can also “subscribe” to my feeds or even feeds to

*Addendum-Last edited by FLYNN on 20110513 at 00:03:01 AM.

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