What is your personal system for blogging?

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What is your personal system for blogging?

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Is your blog primarily for personal or business use? *



Do you have a specific goal to blog every day or week? *

Yes, every day
Yes, every week (or other set period of time)


If WordPress.com provided easy to use tools and reminders for blogging goals, would you try it? *

Please help us understand why you selected this answer – Please send email reminders to blog via Tweets in the form of questions, like Plinky.com, Formspring.me, and The DailyPost.wordpress.com.


Do you use your calendar to remind you to post? (If not, what tools, or approaches do you use?) *

Please help us understand why you selected this answer. What kind of reminders do you set? – Recently, I’ve been using the “Memo” app of my cellphone to log in my random thoughts as blogging material later on.


How do you track your progress with your goal? Do you periodically review what you achieved and compare it to your goal? * – I don’t have a goal. All I want is to do is to log my random thoughts of “mostly rants and other stuff” and realize that a minimal approach is better than smaller posts, which could easily be achieved via Twitter, which I don’t use other than give link backs to my primary weblog.


If you have a system for blogging that wasn’t captured well by the above questions, please describe how you set, review, and try to achieve your goals for blogging. – I’ve set myself to blog everyday. I don’t have time to review my blog or read other blogs. I try to achieve my goals for blogging by entering notes on the “Memo” app of my cellphone. Thank you.

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