20120127-Random Notes

Here are my boring notes via the “Memo” app of my smart/cellphone:

22:49. Hah! I tried Publishing this post but got the following error message because of the “nameserver”.

Not Found

The requested URL /2012/01/27/20120127-random-notes/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

22:44. I’m still gagging from my spit of thick mucus/post nasal drip. The spray formula for allergic rhinitis did a good dose of post nasal drip, causing me to gag. I followed up with a saline wash, which also drained into my lungs later on.

22:30. Maw complained about her pulse/heart rate being VERY low at around 48 beats per minute. Her heart medication is too strong of her and she needs to call the doctor. I suggested going to the emergency so as to “counteract” the effects of this medication.

Well, I got the remaining “Important Tax/Return Information/Document Enclosed”. So I did an online estimate for filing a 2011 tax return and will pay over $1,500 in taxes, which is fine as long as the funds/monies are “recycled” properly back into the system.

I forgot the change the “nameserver” back to WordPress.com. It might take a couple of hours to revert back the mess. So for those who are able to read my post feed and try to view the webpage, the post won’t display correctly. Hahaha!

20:48. I signed up for a microblogger! This time it’s Tumblr.com. I discovered this site from a dream blogger’s most recent post. This is what I wanted instead of Twitter.com because the “main site” has themes with time-date stamps. Unfortunately, the “mobile site” doesn’t have time-date stamps at first glance!

18:21. I decided to select the “Delete your entire Google profile“. At least the “normal” Google services, such as YouTube, Gmail, Documents, Photos and Reader are still available for my use. I then answered a few questions/submitted a feedback and included my gender (of all things to add to a survey!)

15:39. A sample import of an existing WordPress.com blog into the self-hosted WordPress.org blog didn’t go well! Some media is missing and the “IntenseDebate Notifications” flooded my email!

14:19. While massaging Maw’s painful shoulders and neck area, I noticed how the winds picked up briskly. The sunshine was VERY bright and warmed the day, just like yesterday when I gave the four parakeets, including the first time for Baby Mel, their bath.

14:16. Maw recalled what the boy told her last night. He said that when he got home after a hard day’s work, he rests and doesn’t do anything in the house; that he has to take care of himself; and that she should take care of herself too.

14:02. At 14:00pm, I discovered five eggs. Yeyo had “stepped” outside her nest box and I got a chance to open the lid to keep track of how many eggs she has laid. I plan to install the large black cage to “entrap” the Bully boy with her; so he could help feed her.

13:00. I signed up for a self-hosted site — free for two-weeks. But I don’t know how to navigate the control panel. All I know is that the One-Click installation feature (i.e. WordPress) is simple. The documentation is too much for me to read and understand. I was tempted to cancel the account within a few hours but will try again for another day. It has been that for me — the impulsive buying.

09:16. At 08:47am this morning, we arrived home to see the divorced nutter sweeping up the sidewalk/driveway. She looked up to her right before we got to our driveway. I ended up parking crooked (or more towards the center) because I was in a hurry to close the garage door!

09:15. While listening to “El Rushbeau” ranting intelligently this morning on our local radio station NewsTalk 910 AM, the radio would make a VERY loud series of static sound in synchronicity to a chandelier light bulb flicker over our main dining table.

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