20120212-Random Notes

Here are my boring notes via the “Memo” app of my smart/cellphone:

2012/02/12 13:18. While seated down for lunch, Maw had a thought on how the large companies would be FREE from paying its employees through this government mandate on health care insurance, which forces those people working to pay for those, in my words, who are prostitutes and drug addicts both of which should have been mentioned by Sarah Palin (at the time of her recorded appearance on a televised news programming on cable). But Maw addressed my complaint by saying that they can’t be that blunt like moi. No wonder half-truths will always be the game.

2012/02/12 08:55. While seated down for breakfast, I had a brief imagery of chess pieces and how the little pawns could be represented as “greys”. I do not know how the other chess pieces would represent other “species”.

2012/02/12 08:50. I had a brief thought while doing the laundry after breakfast. I thought about how a moderate was a good idea or the GOP republicans and how there are “X” and “Y” chromosomes mixed into an individual entity. So the percentage between being a “conservative” and a “liberal” will always vary with each POTUS.

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