Automattic Footer

I had noticed the following descriptive footers from the folks behind the span class of “footera8c”:

  • An Automattic Brainchild
  • An Automattic Contraption
  • An Automattic Invention
  • An Automattic Joint
  • An Automattic Medley
  • An Automattic Opus
  • An Automattic Thingamajig

If I miss some nice adjectives, please feel free to “Leave a Reply” as a “Comment”, of course. Thanks!

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4 replies

  1. I missed this one: “An Automattic Experiment”.


  2. I just came across this one: “An Automattic Production”.


  3. I found this on JB’s – Gravatar Profile: “An Automattic Do-Hickey”.


  4. Here is another one : “An Automattic Creation”.


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