A spike in your stats 02-06-16


Your stats are booming! The Daily Pauseย is getting lots of traffic.

Your blog, The Daily Pause, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 30 hourly views – 0 hourly views on average

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  1. Congratulations Flynn. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Did you ever change your WP Admin | Settings | Reader Settings | Site Visibility back to “Allow Search Engines To Index This Site”?

    I remember in the past you changed this, and so I was just curious if you ever changed it back to default. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    -John Jr


  2. There are some weird things going on when I visit your blog Flynn.

    1. When I went to your Home Page (http://flynnspaws.com/) there is a broken image (https://flynnspaws.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/cropped-nyan-pink-glass3.jpg) under the tagline, but I am not seeing when on a post but I do see it from you Home Page.

    2. When I went to test this in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge was blocking me from visiting your blog, and so I had to report your blog as safe (not phishing) using a form that Microsoft Edge showed me.

    3. I used Virustotal.com, URLVoid.com, and Zulu.zscaler.com to scan your website for malware; and all of them showed that it was clean except for Quttera.com which marked your blog as suspicious:


    The Quttera report says that it is marking your blog as suspicious because of:

    Severity: Suspicious
    Reason: Detected reference to blacklisted domain
    Details: Detected reference to suspicious blacklisted domain valenciabrocode.blogspot.com
    File size[byte]: 107674
    File type: HTML
    Page/File MD5: CE9287BEAA30591D83D5B02523334F81
    Scan duration[sec]: 0.370000

    So it seems that a link to that blogspot blog is on your website somewhere, and it is a blacklisted domain according to Quttera; and so you maybe want to delete any links to that blogspot blog from your blog if you agree with their rating, but if you disagree with their rating then you should report this to them at:




    4. Besides the other Ratings glitch that I mentioned yesterday, there seems to be something else strange going on with the Ratings on your blog on your Home Page, look at the alignment of the Ratings and the dark colored bar and some of the images:

    -John Jr


    • Hi and thanks, John Jr.

      1. My paid upgrade theme ‘Opti’ allows for ‘Display Header Image on’ either Homepage only (which I selected) or All Pages. I y’all want I could select the latter to make each page appear prettier and friendly with Nyan Cat smiling at my dear readers. Okay! I’ll change it now!

      2. Maybe I should downgrade my theme to something OLD and simple, which I always wanted but the newer themes have features that I want that the old themes lack, such as responsiveness; so that ALL internet web browsers could view my weblog!

      3. Woo! Hoo! It goes with the surf, err, turf! Well, I’ll just edit each link because I’ve known ‘them’ for awhile. ‘They’ are good folks, by the way. I definitely don’t agree with quttera.com, which I’ve never known existed until now. It’s one website’s opinion against my website and unto moi. I’m not gonna be intimidated for someone else’s opinions.

      4. I’m tempted to remove the ‘Ratings’ feature but I’ve had that for awhile and don’t know if it’s worth removing just yet. Okay, I’ll remove it now!


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      • 1. I have no problem with having an image there, the problem seems to be that image does not exist, and so it shows a broken image icon which lets you know that the image is not working or not there.

        2. Using newer themes is usually a good idea, but Microsoft Edge is blocking your blog for me because it possibly has it rated as Phishing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing) thinking that maybe your blog is trying to impersonate another website:

        I filled out the form to report it as safe but it still appears when I try to visit your blog, and so you probably should report this to Microsoft and/or try accessing your blog in Microsoft Edge and reporting it as safe.

        3. If you report this as a false positive to Quttera, they will usually fix it, if it is not accurate they will fix it; and they usually respond, and so I recommend reporting this to them using that link or email address.

        4. Both Ratings bugs (one seems to only happen with this theme maybe, but the other bug is universal) seemed to be fixed now that you removed ratings, maybe one day WordPress.com will fix this, if enough people complain.

        Thank you and good luck Flynn ๐Ÿ™‚ ,
        -John Jr


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