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March 9: Your best day for follows on The Daily Pause

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016 you surpassed your previous record of most follows in one day for your blog The Daily Pause. Nice!

Most Follow in One Day

Current Record: 2

Old Record: 1

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  1. Congratulations Flynn. 👍


    When I did a Google search for Flynnspaws I found this in the search results:

    “flynnblog – WordPress.com
    A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more.”


    I am curious, is this happening because you changed your Privacy Settings again or is this happening because of another reason?

    -John Jr


    • I don’t know. All I could surmise is that my request to gradually if not completely expunge my online activities has been granted in some small way. Otherwise, blogging is fun and mine is mostly personal with off-topic opinions. What I like about discouraging Google from indexing my site is the anonymity, while still able to exercise whatever is left of “free-speech”, which unfortunately cannot suppress offensive outputs by reptilianz, for example. Thanks for checking out the Google search. I’ve replaced the reading option back to discourage indexing, refer to above-referenced sentiments. ~Flynn B.


      • Now most people will not be able to find your posts, pages, and maybe even blog when they search for them or it; but if that is what you want, good luck, basically your blog is semi-private and has been for a while I guess.

        -John Jr


  2. I get all kinds of random followers on Pinterest. It’s actually the best platform for sharing links to things from affiliate programs. That is where the bulk of my monies are coming from now. From sales from different items, and also via Amazon and eBay aff programs too.

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    • Well, until yesterday, when Pinterest decided to blacklist CandyLipz site and hid all 500+ of mine and my daughter’s pins.

      So I notified CandyLipz and they are pissed. They are going to get their lawyer involved.

      I hope CandyLipz file charges against Pinterest for Malicious intent to harm their reptutation and harm their and our businesses.


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