Happy Holy Thursday! My parents, my younger brother and I came home from attending the 1930 evening mass. Sorry for the delayed ‘script’ due to freaking house chores with the swollen bitch-ass.

Honestly, I don’t like the face of Heidi or Carly. Their butt-fugly faces may be due to their medical conditions – mental order and breast cancer, respectively and from the poisonous medicines, which can ruin a person, period.

I’m sure they were once beautiful before their health deterioration. Like Mutha Fucka and everyone else, youthfulness is sought after as a sign of longevity and stability. But naturally we all fall apart in old age and end-up fugly.

Wow! I just did a Wikipedia.org search on Heidi’s birthday! I’m older than Heidi and Melania. Melania is younger than Heidi and my younger brother. But I’m NOT that fugly due to being a yellow crayon and anti-sunshine (sans vampire).

So with respect to the old photo-shoot of Melania from a GQ magazine, she’s beautiful. I don’t know why beautiful must be denigrated. Beautiful women must be appreciated. I don’t appreciate lesbian dykes and their fugliness, period.

I’ve read somewhere that beautiful people are supposed to be ‘advanced souls’. While the rest of a butt-fuglies got a long way to go to achieve a ‘good heart’, like these beautiful souls. Trump has repeated that Melania has a ‘good heart’. And that she’s VERY smart – being multi-lingual, for example.

So I’m thinking that fugly faces is resulted from stunted reptilian souls. The reflection can be seen in their slited eyeballs, by the way, like Heidi. I’m wondering what is the big deal with the comparison between these two wives.

I’ll offer support to both. One is serving money – Goldman Sachs. And the other is serving home. I’m assuming that America would appreciate basic conservative values based on a wife’s character, being that she serves as a mother and wife at home.

For me, America House needs grace and beauty. And that’s reflected in the wives of the men, who are supposed to be the leaders of the household and their nation. The ruler of the hearts are the women. So I expect the women to ensure the emotional and intellectual stability of the men and household pets, such as children. Hehe.

Anyway, yeah, y’all are funny. What’s next?

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  1. 20160324-2252. Addendum thought. ‘Jealous’ was the word. These evil demonic forces are JEALOUS. For therein lies Envy, which can breed ‘Wrath’. Amen!


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