We’re watching LIVE CNN REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL TOWN HALL Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Anderson Cooper gotta allow the invited the guests to speak. Mom said Anderson won’t stop talking/interrupting and didn’t allow Trump to speak/answer. I noticed that these hosts of mainstream ad nauseum media would interrupt annoyingly their invited guests? Why can’t y’all pause? And if the invited guests gets annoying in return, stop them and continue to interview them.

In my imaginative mind, the reporter may be holding one of those technologically advanced “James Bond” gadgets. I hope she didn’t “assault” Trump with an injection of some sort – vaccine. If Trump felt a jab, nudge, or something, please check out your arm, skin, whatever, sans physician, holistic, or not.

I did NOT see her react, period. She looked at Corey, paused, and stepped away to look downward at her smartphone while walking along with the crowd.

Yes. Please check your “rule” books on any security violations, including any announcements regarding what the public, reporters, whoever can and cannot do during these crowded events.

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