“Ben Carson Defends Donald Trump’s Comments On Abortion” – OANN.com with Laura Nieto.

“Trump’s Comments On Abortion “Beyond Comprehension”” – MSNBC.

Well, the strength has to come from the women seeking abortion. They forgot that they are creator goddesses and have the power between life and death. Instead of them closing their legs and controlling their sexual impulses, they choose to fornicate without thinking of the lives they could ultimately bear.

I’ll have to agree with Ben Carson regarding illegal abortion. The ones offering the services of licensed care and treatment are to ensure the health and safety of the mother. These licensed service providers MUST save any fetuses that survive the abortion, too. In the regard of this incoming thought, y’all may wish to legislate your laws thereof.

I do NOT wish for women to suffer at the hands of darkness – the illegal underground activity of abortion. And equally, I do NOT wish for the viable, alive, and screaming fetuses to die needlessly. With your advanced ALIEN technology at hand, I’m surprised y’all didn’t give these caregivers, not only a job, hence a “job creator”, but a chance to save lives, too. Interestingly ironic.

That’s a “moral law” – the two words which Chris Matthews mouthed during yesterday’s town hall event via MSNBC. Trump’s VERY intelligent answer points to the humanz handling the situations themselves without legislated laws. Y’all had a chance to save both mother and child, not unless y’all don’t wanna pay for the maintenance of unwanted lives.

In which case, for example, Mom cited how the state got rid of or closed down Agnews Developmental Center, where the nurses are like the honorable levels of state troopers, due to their excellence in their trouble-shooting abilities. The state redistributed the patients to other facilities, such as nursing homes, where y’all know the care is minimal at best.

So if y’all want to express your doctrine of ‘peace through strength’, y’all could ensure that both sides of the fence – pro-life and pro-death – are addressed, by leaving options open for the mother – with or without privacy, yet allowing children to re-discover their parents later on in life. The fathers MUST have 50 percent in the decision-making process on the lives of their unborn child/ren.

The strength in a country is through the peace of mind that the unwanted children are NOT killed and sacrificed to Satan, Lucifer, and evil spirits. The peace of the county is through the strength of educated humanz to realize that unwanted and damaged humanz are still cognitive at certain levels and therefore deserve the right to life, liberty and happiness.

For example, Mom cited how April, one of the patients, would undergo seizures. For over twenty years of her life, her seizures were triggered due to unfavorable responses to certain caregivers. In actuality, April was throwing fits temper tantrums! When Mom spoke gently to April and complemented April on how beautiful she was, April smiled.

One day, Mom asked April if she liked Joe, another nurse, and April replied in the negative! Joes was being mean and triggered April. From then on, Mom realized that these acute patients still have understanding of their immediate surroundings. But because of their physical immobility, they cannot express themselves in a “normal” sense. So the other staff would complement April.

In another instance. a patient whose body, arms, legs, and hands are twisted like a pretzel would spit up at the caretakers that she didn’t like. So one day, the haughty licensing from Sacramento would try feeding one of the patients. So the staff gave the pretzel to the licensing and sure enough the patient spat up the food all over self and visitor!

Whenever the other staff had a difficult time feeding the patient, they would call Mom: “Oh, there’s your mother!” Mom said it takes someone with special skills, talents, and abilities to communicate with difficult patients.

And so it is. America can regain its strength, not necessarily with political influences, but with knowledge and understanding, and peace through compassion, and kindness.

Mom said that if I’m Trump, I’d go independent. Perhaps, libertarians would agree. Eh?

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