Watching late/rerun programming with Hannity on Fox News. Herman Cain, Fox News Contributor and Eric Bolling, ‘Wake Up America’ author are guests. I like Herman. He’s hilarious. Dad and I would reference his ‘999’ calling card every time we’d see Old Scratch communicate unto us via CA license plate numbers ending triple-digits, most prevalent as 666, 999, 222, whatever.

Anyway, they are talking about The Real Elizabeth Warren, who said back in May 2, 2012 that her high cheekbones were so common for NAI. I have high cheekbones, too. I’m wondering if I’m NAI.

With that said and during one of his rally (we watch ALL of his rallies via RSBN on YouTube), I recall Trump mentioned this NAI issue with Elizabeth Warren. And after he mentioned that issue, he kinda, sort mumbled in a lower tone of voice that he could also be somewhat like NAI.

I was thinking, huh. And in the back of my BIG head, I had a thought that perhaps the immigration of his ancestors occurred before the NAI became so populous. I was thinking of King Arthur, by the way.

Then again, I was really thinking that he stated that in jest, meaning that those who are born within the Americanized territories are also considered ‘native’ meaning not naturalized, whatever.

With that said and during one of Hilary’s recent speech, I recall her metioned issues with LGBT community. And after she mentioned that issue, she kinda, sorta mumbled in a lower tone of voice that she could also be one of those group. This small step is encouraging, though.

I was hoping that she’d come outta the closet and be relieved that such taboo won’t be condemned as sinful but acknowledged. I’m thinking that perhaps other public officials wouldn’t be so afraid to admit that they are also one of those group.


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  1. I dunno what NAI is, but I have high cheekbones now thanks to all that NCR. I didn’t get to have it at all last year, but hope I can have at least one session this year before it ends. I found some pre-made dental splints online, and can build on those via the Starecta method to get the space back in between the upper and lower jaw.

    This guy has done starecta splint for over a year now, and has just started using an ALF appliance. I want an ALF appliance. Look at the difference in his cheekbones in just 3 weeks!

    Dunno if he’s done NCR or not.


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