Well, as per team Infowars.com, Alexander suggested that Pence and Flynn are Democratic; while Savage suggested the Newton is globalist.

Good luck with your choice! The joke online is that you outta clone yourself and be your own VP!

As for Hillary, in today’s speech rally at Virginia, she looked sad. In a previous rally with Bernie endorsing Hillary, Mom said she looked sedated.

Maybe I should just pen into the write-in section of my mail-in ballot for the upcoming general election: a Pokemom, which in Japanese means a ‘pocket monster’. Monster is defined as something scary, such as demons.

Thus, our next POTUS will be a fictional character – a monster that is small enough to fit into my pants pocket, which rhymes with the foodstuff ‘Hot Pcckets’! Yummy!

As for Lynch, Comey, Holder, Obama, and pals, they all need to be impeached, imprisoned, tortured, punished and such – pronto! Arriva!

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