I’m seeing probably for the first time the many layers upon layers of choices that I could have made on my own. But I finally realized, or at least accepted the fact, which in the sphere of my understanding, that God controls everything.

By that I mean for every experience there’s a lesson to be learned. Every seemingly impossible task, every bump in the road, every inconceivable obstacle has to be taken in stride. After all, why fight against what is beyond my control?

The other day I wanted to speed up to get somewhere, outta anxiousness. But I relaxed and have learned to slow down, rationalized that I’ll reach my goal someway, somehow – all stress free.

You know what? I thanked God that I made it in one piece without incident. I also enjoyed the scenery and allowed faster motorists to pass by me.

I saw how I could place myself in other’s shoes and appreciate myself for being created perfect and for not being that other ‘sick’ person, who is imperfect like me!

This hellish planet may be full of sickness but with each soul taking charge of its own successes and faults and not blaming other, that’s a step into a correct path of peace of all.

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