Anyway, regarding conspiracy theorists. As mentioned in my OLD blogs, the truth is buried in conspiracy, as an alternative outlet to avoid scaring humanz. There are times when I don’t believe in anything far-fetched, and just shrug my shoulders outta boredom.

I’m learning that anyone can make up but stories! Without hard-core evidence, such as images, videos, and audio, and NOT fuzzy, blurry and unclear ones or shady testimony, we are forced to pray for answers or at least seek injunctive relief for injuries and other hurt feelings.

So forget about ‘hope’ and ‘change’. It’s all fantasy, especially for liberals who want the freedom to mess up the status quo.

I’m already suspecting that we are living in a Matrix-like environment in which the unseen spirits happen to manifest our thoughts into realities as we observe and experience.
That’s how fake news operate. Their operation tries to wash away iniquities in the hearts and minds of stubborn outmoded souls who don’t know anything else new under the sun.

Okay, I’m rambling and NOT making sense.


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