Watch “5/12/2017: Weekly Address” on YouTube

20170512-2231. That’s nothing when food, gas, utilities, and rent are too high and when businesses are controlled by the rich. And by controlling humanz, they have to abide to the Illuminati, NWO, by not paying benefits, health, etc.

And as workers, we are still slaves. Trump has good ideas but he had lots of enemies. Humanz are greedy and are not responsible but only until themselves. Humanz are outta control and are willing to be paid off like whatever George Soros wants. So no one has the strength or means to fight back, if they refused to comply!

‘You do what I tell you’! So Hillary, Krushner, Bush, etc have to abide to Soros. Facebook and liberals are cow tows when money speaks and in exchange for talent and technologies of these slave workers, they refused paid and survive.

So even if the job is not good, the lowest paid workers, even engineers and doctors, for example one got outta of the 24-hour on all duty and become a personal home visit doctor, will be slaves.

Continuing with Mom’s stories, Mom said her classmate lived in a house as a long-time servant or domestic helper to a whitish wealthy woman who didn’t leave her anything. The woman took her baths and used the shampoo once and threw away the rest! The Filipino lived on her hard earned retirement after the employer died. 

For example, I could have accepted a full-time temp to hire job. But the catch was a four to noontime gig! Mom was fuming because if I’m the only one in that office, I could be, well, harassed, which happened twice in my past jobs.

It’s not that Americans don’t want too work. It’s the pay and work conditions. I think one of my complaints shut down a branch location. With that said, I’m not entirely happy to return to work because of the creeps.

Without my parents, I’m homeless, too. Back in those days, children would move outta their parents’ home and live independently. But in my case as others younger to than me (the Millenniums) that’s not gonna happen EVER!

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