Watch “Viral Video! Trump Calls On God!” on YouTube

20170513-2257. Okay, Mister Alex Jones. I hear you. There is a God.

For example, after Sunday mass six days ago, I told LSGM in my loud, stern voice – ‘you need to stop!’ She was trying to intimate me about how the parishioners know that I’m a devil. She was stammering during this time as I recorded a video for my protection.

She turned her reptilian head to her left and walked towards the opened garage door. Unfortunately, she mocked us the following early evening on Monday.
After Thursday’s noontime mass at OLOP, Dennis the Menace a former SJPD and his Cebuian wifey with strange straightness of concave teeth, conversed.

Ruby said we’re being attacked due to our strong faith in God, being faithful believers in religious practices, or something like that. With that said, we all need to pray for each other.

That each soul is a lock and key – together we should help each other get outta this hellish planet (per my incoming thought a few days ago and communicated via Alex Jones, intelligence details, and pals.

Processing certain disappearances over eons won’t help the impending awakenings. Whatever.

Amen! And God Bless Y’all.

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