The Daily Messenger: All Signal, No Virtue

20170514-2230. Not understanding human words ‘signal’ and ‘virtue’.

Yesterday Saturday around 1000 AM, I saw the same old whitish guy with clear (?) blue eyes sitting outside a Dollar Store. He looked similar to the guy in the uploaded image to the above-mentioned link. He held up a sign and an unopened cartoon shaped vertically like for holding juice and milk.

I had loose change from buying one dollar stuff, which included a GOD BLESS AMERICA metal sign with a flag colored red, white, and blue star hanging below.

Anyway, I placed the coins from my right pocket via my right hand and into his left hand and he said ‘God bless you’. I replied, ‘God bless you and America too’. I’m weird. Sorry. I walked quickly away and towards to Mom where she awaited or slept in the car.

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