Please Don’t Touch

Blue Ball

Dear Lawd Gawd, 

Thank you for sending Saint Anthony of Padua and Sweet Baby Jesus. My parents and I are forever grateful and we thank y’all for blessing us with ‘justice’.


Evil Kitty

P.S. Notice the blue BALL, which differs in color from DB’s golden ball in one of his book, now available as door stops. For football, the original request was 100 yards. But today the distance is throwing the ball from home base to second base.

P.S.S. I was also praying (thrice, I think) DB’s prayer to Yeshua per Matthew 24. Thanks, DB! Thanks, Matt 24!

With that said, Alleluia. And Play Ball! 

One thought on “Please Don’t Touch

  1. 20170523-2313. Mom said that San Antonio de Padua was a patron saint inside Mom’s old home back in the Philippines. But the statue has since then gotten termites. Mom continues: “We are NOT mad against the Respondent. We pray for her redemption.” This is totally a sync event. Hmm.


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