The Daily Messenger: Mega church satanist who also has as his personal logo 666, shows his true colors Joel Osteen wolf

20170523-2330. Off-topic.

We’re watching Fox News headline, “Trump to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican shortly.”

A few minutes ago, I inquired of Mom: ‘Do clones have souls?” She answered: “No, only the original has a soul, NOT the copies.”

With that said, I’ve prayed thrice to Yeshua with today’s court hearing.

And I threw the energy around to where it’s most needed – the Respondent and pals. 

I ‘know’ stuff. I’ve ‘seen’ and experienced evil losers in action. The public servant is also a reptilian. Sheesh. 

If such clones are able to coexist under the Cathedral Firmament of God, then there’s nothing wrong.

But when violence exacerbated into attempted deaths, murders, and killings, then injunction in all is necessities helps.

I’m troubled, though, with the concept of redemption, even for clones.

(I’ve been watching YouTube videos on celebrities and other successful humanz who sold their souls to Satan.) Hmm. 

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