Watch “Evil Losers. President Trump reacts to Manchester.” on YouTube


‘Evil losers’. I agree with Mister POTUS Trump. Per DB’s old New Aged books, now available as door stops, hatred manifested is the murder of another soul, the killing of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the lack of repentance.

And with that said, today marks our day on a level playing field and WITHOUT the opposing team present. Sheesh. 

I flashed the public servant Trump’s ‘OKAY’ sign and she did the same with her left hand. I flashed Trump’s ‘ovoid’ sign lowered between my legs, underneath the table, and the judgement was made. 

I’m telling y’all. Everyone is in cahoots! Mom sensed this ‘truth’ and was calm with her eyes closed as she listened but got pissed because the elderly man goofed! I goofed too with my eyes closed as if my vessel was drowning. 

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