Watch “bombshell: 100% proof Obama violated 4th amendment – special prosecutor needed NOW” on YouTube

20170524-2217. Off-topic thoughts. There’s no violation, you weenies! Here’s why. On or about 3/24/2017 the following happened:

DAL: What do you want outta this?

Evil Kitty: I want her to stop her bad behavior. (Flynn was so freaking SLOW and too stupid to say that Evil Kitty wants the nasty reptilian to STAY AWAY from her elderly humanz.)

DAC: What is stalking and how does that constitute stalking in your volunteer gig?

Flynn: Err, flub, stumble, ramble, irk, sigh. (Once again, Flynn fumbled the deflated ball and should have said, dammit, your Honor, the reptilian hates me the most and wants to drink my fine, aged blood. [Snickering in the background.]

Anyway, we are approved for surveillance of said terrorism, err, reptilian agenda of torment towards us.

Why don’t you like the 4th Amended Rights, Flynn? You must hate everything free and beautiful. Explain yourself, human! 

In my opinion only, so long as surveillance is done discreetly, without provocation, and with no knowledge after the fact, and there is evidence of bad juju stuff going on, y’all may arrest the demonic clones and pals without a warrant, of course.

The Court system, in league with the LEAs, and courtesy of DOJ, is a fascinating process. I’ve been reading their .pdf files on general background information. The educational details are online. Sheesh.

In California, there’s a particular technicality that must be followed in order to initiate a process, which we filed and won. Yup. 

That’s why justice fails: 2231, incoming thought – there is the karmic debt that must be fulfilled to God’s satisfaction and prior to any injunctive relief.

In other words and as mentioned in my OLD, now deleted blog entries, y’all deserve your fate, no matter how harsh! Y’all asked for it! Y’all got it! (Be careful what y’all want! It will nip your behind!)

With that said, we were symbolically and spirituality lead to tolerate and undergo humiliation and intimidation, both of which are psy-ops, until our unending prayers were heard, and then bam – finality of thanksgiving with eyeballs rolling upwards.

In conclusion, the government is within its alleged ‘rights’ to the surveillance of any dissidents. For without surveillance, both sides of the level playing field wouldn’t have a fair and just outcome.

This is the best way I understood the alleged ‘right to privacy’, which is false because God knows everything on your heart and mind. See?

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