Watch “Dying Hillary still wearing anti-seizure glasses at Memorial Day Parade” on YouTube

20170529-2053. Off-topic thoughts. 

While trying to chew through left over chicken wings of dryness, Mom said that those who are invited on diplomatic business to speech abroad are by all means worthy to travel at the expense of taxpayers stash. Trump deserves his SS, err, secret service providers and other protective details and ‘what nots’ (al la TRUMP MAFIA).

Mom further fumed that if Obama is going on vacation at taxpayers expenses and is no longer president, he’s gotta pay back. Trump has gotta draft something up to stop these parasitic bugs from travelling and speeching nonsense abroad.

To Hillary, please just go away. Y’all ruined my dinner and appetite. Dad is delighted and munched through his foodstuff and said that Hillary might run again. Barf bag, please. 

What are y’all tormenting unto moi?

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