I love a good mystery. Today the mainstream ad nauseum news media broadcast a recent tweet by the realDonaldTrump:

20170531-0309AM (18h18 hours ago)

Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!

First, I was thinking about 20170526-1330 PDT, which we didn’t find out until an email sent on 20170531-1138 PDT. The seven year waiting period is finalized, I think, until something else shakes things up. Sheesh.

Second, I was thinking about my repetitive thoughts of the F-word through the clenching of my upper teeth biting onto my lower teeth and mouthing silently a shortened word of ‘Fuh’, which rhymes with ‘Duh’, like ‘Suh’.

Third, I was thinking about coverage, or something covert and/or newsworthy but ‘F-uped’, which rhymes with ‘duped’ and my newly formed urbanized word. Mine! Copyright! 20170531-2125 PDT! It’s like a f-uped coverage, especially ‘fake news’. Yup.

Anyway, I tried Twitter several time but don’t have the time to read other crap and tweet about my crap. I tried Facebook several times but didn’t like checking on DAILY crap on the walls of other losers or posting my personal stuff about nonsense.

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