Watch “CNN Host ‘Beheads’ Trump” on YouTube

20170531-2152. Off-topic thoughts. 

It’s so painful to hear these reptilianz dance around something that’s part of their evilness. It’s so humorous as they try to politically correct themselves. 

Effigies outta be outlawed as the inanimate object ‘created’ outta evil is affected. Likewise, ritual abuse of humanz, animalz, and other livez must be condemned and punishable.

I’m not understanding how far to draw that bloody red line against hatred speech. 

Such above mentioned stuff, including abusive and harassing statements that encourages against life (pro-death) is morally depraved and grossly irresponsible.

When liberty to enjoy our front yard is compromised without being stalked and spied upon, that too can be criminalized.

And last but not least, when the pursuit of happiness, such as the past time enjoyment of gardening out front, is ruined, then off to jail or preferably the gulag.

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