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In my freaking OLD blogs, I wanted a standardized electronic medical and health system ACROSS the states.

Once again, the service provided by the health, medical, insurance, whatever system is standardized. 

I would imagine, such as CLETS, to assist law enforcement agencies ACROSS the state, especially at the military and governmental agencies and such, that the efficiency of processing humanz has been established in this modern era.

The privacy HIPAA always applies. Each agencies can have its own system but the standardization must be integration.

This is a good exercise. Opinions and areas of concern have been addressed for Veterans.

Obamacare helped to push me to get a health care insurance. Likewise, I’d imagine that the process would be seamless. 

1051, I like that lifetime record. That’s what it means when God knows stuff.

Like my CA driver’s license, identification card. All my stuff can be in one card! I must be dreaming. But I’m not a globalist. We need to ensure identity of each human. 

I’ve learned that refugees and other un-proud ingrates can change their names.

Good luck with the effectiveness of borrowing and stealing models of processing stuff.

2 thoughts on “20170605-1045

  1. 20170605-1100. The ballpark time-frame of completion should be no longer than, say six months to one year, one person can probably do it. But as the award goes, the contract can take longer than in private sectors. The extension is to ‘make jobs’.


  2. I would prefer to NOT be on any electronic system. Ever. Thankfully, I don’t use lamestream doctors and the chiropractors, etc… that I go to do not put me on their computers, with the exception of NCR, which I can no longer afford to go on those long trips. I would prefer to never be on anyone’s system, as this is still an electronic paper trail. It’s about CONtracts and I decline any offers to contract with any corporate entities.

    I no longer have a driver’s license, as that, too, is a contract with the STATE OF CORPORATE government. The one I did have, I let expire, which was the STATE OF FL. They even dared to send me a renewal notice up here in IDAHO, and in the small print, it had me to register for the draft. Ever since then, I said NO to licenses, etc… All of my affiliate programs are done in my husband’s name, with his permission, of course, including the Pay Pal acct. He doesn’t mind it as much as I do, so it’s fine with him to do so.

    When this entire satanic system falls, I’m gonna throw a party and be the DJ too. Hehe.

    This is a great blog and site that explains ALL of this: https://anticorruptionsociety.com/


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