Watch “Watch this and Know these are the Last Days! (2017-2018)” on YouTube

20170606-2259. Off-topic rant only. 

The above referenced link appeared on my recommended list. I’ve not viewed this blogger’s YouTube channel. I don’t like loud screaming evangelism or revivalism.

Anyway, I’d like to share my incoming thoughts with regards to this alleged ‘school of sensitivities’ and concept ‘sonship’.

My county in full of bull sheets, meaning it’s a freaking liberal progressive state and mostly populated with ‘brown outs’ and ‘black outs’ (a la Trump), who probably don’t pay their water bills to boot (a la Flint, Michigan, USA).

At around 2128 yesterday Monday night, I made a phone call to the non-emergency via my smartphone. My parents and I went out front earlier to ‘test’ how effective the process has worked out for us. It didn’t. 

After reading off the title and the possible affected line item number thirteen with its third entry (notice 133 as a demonic, err, symbolic numerical value), I sensed that the attorney, the Court, and the law enforcers have failed us.

The representative said she couldn’t find it! I checked our certified copy and saw that line item 14 was checked off for entry into CARPOS via CLETS, which was done per the paralegal. 

I’m confused and wanted to email the attorney this Tuesday about the incident but I figured that they are already released since Dad signed off last Thursday, the first of June. I asked them if it was effective that date but they said whenever they filed with the Courts. 

I noticed line item 15 was missing. I guess ‘they’ MUST have missed it as Proof-of-Service.

So yeah, the cops provided service as normal and talked down to us as if we don’t know what we’re talking about. My observation indicated that they communicated in the ‘reverse’ by saying that Respondent can have it though they didn’t read the order for it to point DOWNWARDS!

I noticed the Hispanic supervisor flashed Trump’s ‘okay’ sign. Bunch of Satanic followers. He said that Petitioner’s soft bulb could be annoying to the public versus Respondent’s BRIGHT floodlight.

They went to speak with Respondent per Mom’s stressed out request. Personally, I’m praying to Yeshua in his blood and name to smite these goons and henchmen of the beastly process. 

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