Watch “Comey Admits He Leaked Info to Media About Trump” on YouTube

20170608-2327. Mom feels sorry for him for putting himself in jeopardy due to the stress and worry in his eye, even though he is a lawyer and because he is lying, he cannot defend hindsight. He nigh be under 'mind control'. I'm sorry, but I wonder if my mental thoughts of telling the truth due … Continue reading Watch “Comey Admits He Leaked Info to Media About Trump” on YouTube


Behold! Dad had dug a hole and reinstalled my OLD environmental cleaning product, known as bad cloud buster. Yesterday was cloudy and oppressive per Das Squirrel, who asked unto moi if I sensed any attachment to him to which I replied used the golden armor of God and have faith. Today is the same feeling. … Continue reading 20170608-1851

Watch “Senator McCain’s bizarre line of questioning at James Comey hearing” on YouTube 20170608-1843. It's a 'big deal' in context regarding if affected parties are influenced or prompted unduly to opine partially, I think. Yup. The old fart is bizarre. So from what I heard from Comey prior to the hearing he did his job within legal constraints.

Watch “TRUMP MAFIA Blistering review of #ComeyDay Disaster Discussing the #Comey hearing highlights” on YouTube 20170608-1834. Well Mom said she feels sorry for Comey. Earlier, I thought aloud that perhaps Trump can forgive, err, commute the guy. Shaking means nervousness. I missed most of the hearing because I awoke around 0919 this morning! At least he told some truth and probably won't go to hell spiritually speaking.