Behold! Dad had dug a hole and reinstalled my OLD environmental cleaning product, known as bad cloud buster.

Yesterday was cloudy and oppressive per Das Squirrel, who asked unto moi if I sensed any attachment to him to which I replied used the golden armor of God and have faith. Today is the same feeling.

We cleaned the backyard by removing spiders and webs from two hand made tables.

1752, While washing one of three orgone product in the garage sink and after placing underneath our water heater, I had a single flash while thinking about the Josh/Shrimpsei cloud buster.

I know it’s NOT detached retina. I’ve yet to itemize my supernatural experiences. But I’m too lazy.

One thought on “20170608-1851

  1. I keep thinking that at some point, I’d like to buy a freshly made cloudbuster, for that extra Oomph!

    Health Talks Online affiliate program has been picking up lately, and thinking I want to buy a new one with those monies.

    Sure wished our “soul surfer” would start making his pretty orgone again. I mostly bought from him and then some from Andy.


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