With the recent Comey hearing and other bad actors, such as the NSA leaker, I’m wonder how much bolder these ‘leftists’ can ruin America. Yesterday, there were two separate incidences in my neighbor HOOD.

Recently for the past two weeks or so and during the ‘filing order from the Court’, there has been an increase in a single drag racer – a muscle car of some sort from the sound of its deep rumbling engine, typical of modification for speed. The recent single event occurred yesterday.

Also yesterday were two loud-mouths. Both came down the Rue, stopped at MY long stretch of road, and hollered at each other. The jacked-up dark monster truck headed southbound towards the VTA Bart railroad intersection.

The modified home-made, loud-ass, open-caged go cart headed northbound on MY long stretch of road. He may reside prior to the streetlight intersection up ahead. Both intersections have CCTV camera surveillance systems. Y’all may wish to check on those twosome.

I surmise that the whitish humanz are getting bold nowadays. So Trump better watch his back because though my location is full of Vietnamese, there are lots of nationalists who believe the ‘black-outs’ and ‘brown-outs’ are still slaves.

Furthermore, on or about 20170520-093035-093235, I saw the same old man on a modified low-rider bicycle travel his normal route coming southbound from my MY stretch of road and eastbound on MY drive in front of both our and Respondent’s home.

A few seconds later, there appeared to be a whitish woman with long reddish hair walking westbound on MY drive, stopped at the corner, paused in the middle open meridian, and screamed back at the same whitish guy riding in a jacked-up dark monster vehicle.

The whitish guy screamed out his rolled-down driver’s side window to the red-headed whitish woman: ‘Use the sidewalk!’ Or something to that effect. I don’t know what these spooks are trying to prove.

So folks, while I’d like to water down my blogs and keep things under wrap as an anonymous blogger (which is false because I’ve paid for upgrades), it’s almost next to impossible because my Matrix, this alternate reality/dimension has lots of stories waiting to be told.

I’ll extract my ‘somewhat copious notes’ and publicize those anon. But I’m too busy with house and garden chores and too lazy to care now that I’ve other distractions in life. Sheesh.

Today is raining since last night. Now I have to go drive Mom to her doctor appointment. Sheesh.

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