Dear readers,

I’ve been busy cooking, cleaning, and care-giving. I’m NOT blogging daily as per my tagline and that’s because I figured God already has my ‘book of life’ drafted and ready for published, subject to change of course. So without further ado, I’ll highlight my stuff.

1. Glenfall Tower, London, W11, United Kingdom. Once again, the mainstream ad nauseum ‘fake news’ media has been spewing forth words, such as threaten, fear, anger, scary, frightening, and such imagery of ‘pro-death’. I’ve read online the comparison between W11 (a post code for districts in Britain) and 911. Both are double-digits.

2. Politics. Eh, I’m bored in this subject. All I know is that a bunch of REAL politicians are good at denying. I’ve learned that the shooting of congressional baseball players for last Friday’s charity event was weird in that ‘gun control’ was still being pursued as a reason to empower the ‘police state’. Trump managed to get carry-on’s in and around Washington, D.C. area. Also, my nagging thought wonder how stupid for anyone to travel from Illinois to Virginia. That’s like those ‘groupies’ following their favorite celebrities, only this one shot humanz.

3. I’ve learned that each business (profit and non-profit) and each governmental entities have its own set of responsibilities. A pastor can only tend to his flocks. The county is responsible for controlling crazy and stupid humanz. Law enforcers can only enforce stuff that criminal. Other enforcers have their empowerment. Legal can only process administrative stuff and act as agents. Each humnaz is an agent. The Courts are truly fair and balanced. The restriction of freedom is possible with sufficient evidence, in which such materials can be used to assassinate a character in future legal proceedings. The jail system is a good method for restricting freedom, especially those who infringe upon other’s amended rights. The death penalty is a necessary evil as abortion does exist to ‘cull the herd’ of unfavorable strains of genetics

4. I’ve been thinning out extra electronics. I’ve yet to submit two to possibly three electronic readers, one laptop and one tower. I’m tempted to replace my new laptop with something more portable and for choir. But letting go of my hoarding stuff is so difficult! My desk is tidy, thought. Um. The only papers yet to thin out are those manuals and other reference materials for furnishing, fixtures, small electronics, appliances, etc. I’m finished with scanning and archiving old papers. I’m now downloading electronic copies from online. I still retain tons of emails, including reminders, coupons, and advertisements! I just like to look at the colors, designs, fonts, media advertisement layouts, and overall progress of HUGE variety of selections to purchase!

5. My parents and I are now attending the choir mass with me. Legal, in which its headquarters is located down by the ‘river side’, has assisted us. We learned that the owner is Mormon. I blurted out that my contact or Mormons and mouthed ‘DOJ’ to our attorney who revealed the boss’ religious affiliation.

But this is only possible for those with THOUSANDS of dollars to spend and time to afford. Had I been working full-time, I would NOT have been able to assist the elderly couple in their fight against the forces of darkness and evil, such as the ‘low-life’ living directly adjacent to us. That’s is what happens to ‘good folks’ – the devils cause troubles and in order to ‘restrain’ them and to keep them quiet, lots of money has to be spent, whether by EBT, welfare, benefits, entitlements, and other Democrat-inspired ‘impartialities’ despite the failures of ‘diversity’ and devolving humanz prone to autism and allergies.

6. Religion is NOT the same as tradition is giving up against liberal and progressive thinkings. But the concept of self-sacrificing in the face of death and dying has been the on-going theme. While each human continues to sin, no one is immune to death. I’ve learned that what is perceived as bad, evil, dark, or sinful could be a turning point for self-improvement. I’ve learned from a recent YouTube video that there is no distinguishable difference between demons and angels. With that said, it’s no wonder that communion or Eucharistic ministers are able to hold the ‘body of Christ’ and not burn up or melt down, like the wicked witch of the West from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

7. I’ve tried to believe the MAGA is possible. But it’s NOT for me. I do NOT interview well and the recruiters are dumping me into unfavorable positions, that are either offer underemployment jobs or are too far away from home. I expressed to the recruiters that being closer to home is ideal in case of emergency, since I’m the primary care-giving to an elderly couple. Sheesh.

8. As for Dad, he’s getting older, slower, more forgetful and unsure. He would asks too many questions for guidance and directions to simple tasks. But he is still good with gardening, ONLY if Mom’s helps to speed him up by supervising him. He helps with cooking and cleaning and is the primary gardener of our yards. Dad has pruned all dark-red, very juicy plums over the weekend and has bagged four for sharing with those who deserve the stuff. It’s really good!

9. As for Mom, she is still focused, strong-will, and wise, though she has been tough in her love. Within one month she may undergo a TAVR procedure. This may help her ‘asthma’ or rather SOB, and recent painful legs and chest pains. The mitral valve was ‘little jewel’ that a purple-eyed actress received. But due to her age and other stuff, she passed on.

The inventor is a globalist. He believes in ‘global warming’. He is now doing administrative stuff and may become the new director.

Mom: I don’t believe in that.
Inventor: You don’t believe in that?

Mom kept her mouth shut and didn’t say a word after that. Since then the guy didn’t wanna give her an echo-cardiogram despite other opinionated concerns from other specialists. I guess ‘they’ were waiting for the ‘diagnosis’ to manifest worse. And since the ‘little jewel’ lasts for 10 years, I guess this is a good time for a ‘new heart’. The other dark-skinned physician, a SAI with a strange Jewish nose’, will be performing tomorrow’s angiogram with contrast dye, which might damage the kidney’s. Mom likes her. Gee, I wonder why? Sheesh.

10. I noticed that Jordi, aka as Trump Mafia, has been ‘borrowing or stealing’ some of my choicest words, such as ‘once again’, ‘spewing forth’, and what nots. I like the metal introductions (ACDC, Judas Priest) but with my hearing aide amplifying the noise, I have to mute the stuff. So if TM is reading this, please modify it or I’m just gonna unsubscribe. Mom thinks he is hilarious. He recently published a YouTube blog, featuring the comparison between Obama and a gibbon while ‘Anak’ was playing in the back ground. It’s a really touching song. He cried, *sniff. Brouhaha!

11. I also noticed that Dashie is trying to control his potty mouth. Bravo! He really MUST censor himself. For all I know, parents might be complaining that their children are watching these nice Mario games and some blogger uses salty language. That’s NOT nice, not unless he is one of Satan’s minions, screaming and such. Diuge and Puk are NOT pleased.

12. Mom and I enjoy eating ice cream at night around 21:30 or 22:00, prior to bedtime. This helps to buffer our bedtime medications, of which I continue to forget. It’s for my high cholesterol, which I’ve had all my life. The doctors said it’s controllable by reducing my carbohydrate. Do y’all mean I must STARVE! Rice is a staple diet of the Filipinos! But I’m NOT Ilocano. I’m Chinoy, meaning my face looks Chinese, my last name looks Spanish, but my forearms are dark like farmers. I’m confused as I confuse others who think I’m Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or whatnots.

13. Mom and I have been watching Alex Jones but Mom is screaming aloud that all he does is make noise. He is one of ‘them’.

I noticed that these bloggers make noise and expect the rest of us bottom-feeders to rise up and fight back. That’s not possible if we are NOT willing to kill or use firearms due to our ‘thou shalt not kill’ beliefs. Plus, most Filipinos won’t spend the resources to get too involved with ‘their’ problems. I’ve learned that Filipinos, especially the parishioners are good at excusing themselves by playing dumb, playing others, and ignoring.

The Respondent is correct: I don’t like Filipinos because they keep telling me to ‘ignore’ them. I like Vietnamese because they are always there when you need help.

But most Viets are smart and cunning and won’t do anything without being paid. The same goes for Chines. Heck, I don’t understand why anyone would do anything for free. It’s NOT practical!

14. We bought two new blue parakeets after Buddy the older bother died, leaving Mel alone. But now Mel is hyperactive and won’t stop bothering the baby girl who still has dark eyes and a stubby tail. The baby boy is trying to stop Mel and would lunge at him. But the babies are calm. Yesterday, baby girl flew around outside the cage for the first time. Baby boy didn’t know how to follow Mel.

15. My parents and I painted the patio furniture and three patio posts last week. We’re doing lots of things together. But that’s about it. We’re on our own, no relatives or friends to bother us. Amen.

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