Greetings chumps,

I’m reading ‘The Mercury News’, courtesy of ECH via nice elderly volunteers. From 1033 to 1047, I’ve read the article with ease. Reading newspapers is faster than browsing online. The smell of  lvegetable ink, the sound of crunchy paper, and the sight of large prints makes learning about current events enjoyable.

1. ‘Rising heat = falling records’ by Rick Hurd and Robert Salonga. Yesterday was hot! We attended choir mass and ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. The Twit paid, which is proper. We turned on the air conditioner job arrival home. It’s cooler today.

2. ‘The Decline Of Recycling’ by Annie Sciacca. I’m disappointed and hoped all recyclables are reused. Our local recycling closed. We use one near Lucky’s in Milpitas, CA. I notices that we are being charged around ten cents for recycling items. I guess that’s why humanz don’t care to recycle because they already ‘paid’ the price at the grocery checkout and assumed that the weekly city recycling pickups is sufficient. I don’t get it! Once again, if y’all are so ‘advanced’ technologically, can y’all take are of those plastics floating in the ocean and polluting the areas?

3. ‘Bay Area schools still alluring for foreign students’ by Emily DeRuy. The article mentions the focus to help locals over foreigners but also dares suggests that the ‘Trump effect’ may effect the decline, especially Mexico and Chile! My incoming thought indicated that the decline is reflected from lackluster jobs due to competition with foreigners. Yup.

So yeah, if y’all can manufacture an inexpensive electronic tablet that is less than one pound but long enough like the size of sheetmusic, please let know. I wanna speed read stuff and absorb quickly and share, NOT trudge along at snail speed, no offense to critters of shells. I was browsing online last night for a new tablet and saw the new iPad at 12.9 inches but it looks heavy!

4. Addendum-20170619-1114. ‘Study finds bias in police stops’ by Tatiana Sanchez. No way!

“In the Bay Area, black drivers were pulled over at twice the rate that white drivers were, the data shows.” (Refer the Stanford Open Policing Project)

The data started 2015. So what does this tell me? Blackish humanz tend towards trouble. And since California is a liberal progressive state, the article unfairly targeted whitish humanz. I’d like to know how other humanized ‘races’ size up. I didn’t see a comparison among Asians or Hispanics.

So I’m truly disappointed in how ‘news’ is presented. I’m gonna give this article a thumbs down in support of our law enforcers. Sheesh.

5. Addendum-20170619-1130. ‘City drives affordable housing projects’ by Ramona Giwargis. Well, that’s nice for the artistic and cultural workers, for the homeless and low-income residents, for the veterans and special-needs persons.

But who’s gonna pay? It looks like leverage the last year’s taxpayers ‘funds from Measure A bonds’.

6. Addendum-20170619-1141. ‘Stanford grads hit the stage in sweltering heat’ by Lisa A. Krieger. I see the photo of Supreme Court Justice Cuellar flashing Trump’s ‘okay’ sign and the article referencing ‘boundless horizons’. My incoming thoughts indicated that if y’all are so smart, why don’t y’all go back to your homeland and uplift your hometowns instead of blaming Americans for your troubles. I see the photo of students carrying signs in support of females. But nowhere do I see a defence for males. I see the article mentioned ‘the reptile-themed’ “Dad, ur so smart Iguana be like you.”

Symbolic of heatwave for sun bathers and worshipers alike. Yesterday, I hung two loads of laundry – clothes and towels – out to dry. In one hour each, we saved energy.

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