Well, for the last few weeks, we’ve been playing tag with the government. We received a phone call from TRICARE / Express Scripts. So we called back. They couldn’t help but directed us to call DEERS. They couldn’t help either.

I had already setup Dad’s account online and noticed that the Benefits > Other Health Insurance section for both sponsor and beneficiary are showing ‘TBD’. I couldn’t update it and the DEERS customer representative couldn’t help either. 

Once again, we were on our own to figure out stuff. So with my big brain and beautiful mind, I mediated and made two more calls to the OHI and obtained the mailing addresses for filing claims. The location is the state of residence, NOT on the back of the insurance card! 

With that said, I was able to ‘closely’ but NOT exactly match the coverage names, addresses, city, state, and/or phone numbers, and update DEERS online, since they have nothing to do with editing TRICARE / Express Scripts stuff. 

Listen, chumps! My understanding with going ‘electronic’ is the steam-lined ability to extract stuff from the Social Security numbers!

Anyway, I’ve discovered stuff on my own, such as that the numbers (Group, Plan, and whatever) on the cards don’t always match the current information online. So the patient is better off doing stuff online. 

This week we received paperwork for filing the claim reimbursements to resubmit stuff which we’ve done countless times before.

For Mom, the Express Scripts checked off the box for her OHI not reflected in DEERS.

For Das, the Express Scripts checked off the box for his OHI and that he didn’t include the EOB’s, which we did countless times before. I noticed ‘right facing’ red arrows pointing to the Rx numbers to the electronic receipts of Walgreens. I wonder if the government is auditing or just giving us a hard time.

The EOB’s are provided by the state, NOT by mere employers. So the state is really good and well-funded and wonder how Dad’s EOB’s went missing. 

To Mister POTUS Trump, Can y’all please find out why the federal systems and state systems are not coordinated well? We’ve filled out and signed the D-whatever form, included the EOB’s, and electronic receipts, and priority mailed via USPS.

What’s really going on? Are supposed to get rid of OHI and just stick with TRICARE / Express Scripts? My understanding is that patients are NOT required to have Medicare Part D (PDP). I’m confused. 

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