“Mean” and “heartless”. Hmm. Once again, the hellish planet and all its beastly system is closed and sustainable. What goes “free” into the mouths of bottom-feeders comes out as poop, when properly treated and recycled becomes sustainable.

Anyway, last night I helped Dad ‘audit’ the denied claims by locating the unprocessed items. I printed out copies of his ‘missing’ or ‘stolen’ EOBs to include with the ‘returned’ copies of electronic receipts from the pharmacy. For Mom, hers was easy because copies of both EOBs and electronic receipts were provided. 

So this morning, I called DEERS amd they transferred my call to TRICARE / Express Scripts. We wanted the assurance that the resubmitted claims won’t be kicked back to us.

Based on my big brain, the letters were clear – they didn’t have the current enrollment information. So I’ve typed up but didn’t sign my two letters to explain that DEERS was updated and provided images of their Medicare Part D (PDP) cards – front and back. I’m smart!

So now we’ll waste another postal fee, priority mail, of course. We have another piece of mail for the folks down by the ‘riverside’. Then we’re gonna pickup a bottle of 600 mg capsules of NAC for Moms procedure on Monday. Walgreens didn’t have any. CVS stopped carrying it. Trader’s Joys don’t either. But GNC does!

Bye for now. Oh and without a nice caregiver, such as moi, the ‘death panel’ as it was, would have affected these two elderly humanz. That’s why the Lawd Gawd had punished unto moi under/unemployment, which is only sustainable with their presence.

One thought on “20170623-1311-Stuff

  1. NAC is great stuff! I had my two 600 mg capsules after I got up. It has sulfur in it, and you can smell it, but the sulfur crystals are odorless. Both are great for us, so I have both kinds.

    Just be sure to get a clean product without any additional fillers or excipients, and in gelatin capsules. I get the one from BulkSupplements that already come in gelatin capsules, so I don’t have to redo those.

    I posted about it here when reposting our favorite surfer’s post on EDTA. Along with link-outs on how good it is.

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