Dear Lawd Gawd,

This WordPress blog entry is being done via a WordPress desktop app (https://apps.wordpress.com/) for MAC OS X (10.9+), which was downloaded a few minutes ago and is now being used on my new Macbook Air, which Das Squirrel delivered unto moi for Evil Kitty to continue ranting online. A shout-out goes to Erica and Neil, who got me this stuff per text message on last Thursday around 10:27 AM.

The good Flynn, is of course, is blogging on the accompanying ‘Magic Keyboard’, which only human hands are capable of using since feline paws lack any opposable thumbs. Flynn is frustrated because the floating feeling of this keyboard is different from the more mechanical clickers.

Flynn is also using the ‘Magic Mouse’, in which the scroll is ‘reversed’. She doesn’t like this mouse because it’s so slippery that is jumped outta her hands twice and landed on the hard wooden floor. The mouse has a magnetic personality and tends to attract sewing threads, dust bunnies, and other magical debris, known as fairy flakes. I believe Flynn and Evil Kitty have dander which tend to fall onto the floor.

The laptop unit itself is fully charged thanks to the ’45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter’. It too has a magnetic personality and so one must be careful to clear the docking ports of stuff to avoid shorting the circuitry.

So late yesterday evening from 10:38 PM to 12:41 AM the next morning, Evil Kitty panicked again! Flynn forgot her new password to the laptop! The ‘initial’ password was ’11’, which is magically symbolic of See-Aye-Hey coding.

She confused that change password with the passwords to both the Apple ID and the iCloud stuff! So Flynn sent text messages to Das Squirrel for advice, knowing he’s NOT great in replying. But she figured it out via online articles and managed to ‘resetpassword’ via Utilities > Terminal. She’s smart! Yup.

Prior to restarting the laptop after the download of updates, Flynn took a wise course of action and established her Apple ID and iCloud accounts and retained both the iCloud Security Code and most importantly the freaking ‘Recovery Key‘, which is VERY necessary to unlock stuff. Flynn wrote it on paper because she might forget again!

So yeah, the features of the macOS load fast and smoothly! The navigation is simple. I like how the ‘main’ window behind the active ‘app’ has its own top/navigation bar. I still like my Google Chrome for tracking and monitoring, though I’m assuming the default ‘Safari’ internet web browser does fine, but with limited scope, such as sorting my freaking Bookmarks alphabetically either ascending or descending.

The updates for the important apps, such as MS Word Document and MS Excel, took awhile. Flynn plans to download, install, and/or ‘test’ other apps for compatibility. In the meantime, she plans on blogging more frequently, now that her computer desk environment located in the living room has been re-arranged last night until three in the morning.

Flynn is wondering what she will do with the Lenovo IdeaPad P500 laptop that runs on Windows 8.1. The updates are stuck for the Windows Defender. The screen monitor didn’t work with the Windows 10 as a response to buying the HP Envy as a replacement. But it’s still a working unit. Her new HP Envy is still the main production laptop. Both run on the Intel i7 chipset.

There is still the old HP desktop tower, which still works but run freaking slow, the reason behind buying a Lenovo laptop. Aside from an extra Asus monitor and HP clicky keyboard, Flynn has three tablets and four scanners, two of which were used for the photograph project. Both the HP tower and Lenovo are refurbished products from Fry’s Electronics.

With that said, I’m tempted to just get rid of everything and stick to one laptop, in an effort to fulfill my minimalist lifestyle. Unfortunately, ‘karma’ has its way for ‘reversing’ one’s wants and desiring. So while owning less stuff is my goal, I end up with more stuff than necessary. So I’m thinning that maybe I shouldn’t think or blog so much as to affect ‘reality’, no matter how I make it.

I’m done. I’ve got donations to re-consider and electronic wastes to donate to my local Bestbuy store. O\h, and the WordPress spell-checker responds VERY well with the macOS pop-up windows!

Sincerely with hisses,

Evil Kitty and her good Flynn

One thought on “20170625-1336-Stuff

  1. My PC crashed nearly two months ago, so I, too, am on a MAC. It is different than Windows Operating System, and certain things I can’t do. However, the browser behavior is the same since Chrome and Firefox are both on here, so I can have the same extensions, etc…

    It’s been a pain retrieving all my logins to various sites and passwords. If I can find the login page, I can pretty much guess the passwords. It’s finding the logins that has been a major pain.

    Another thing is that I can’t mix music yet, since my MixMeister Fusion is for a PC. So until I can find a MAC version, I’m stuck with that problem for now.

    The iTunes is different here too, so I can probably get the dbPowerAmp for MAC by purchasing the MAC download and I will be able to convert files and make mp3/FLAC from CDs. Until then, I’m stuck on that too. I have to find the USB thingy on here, so that I can access the music, videos, files, docs, etc… from the external hard drives.

    At least I can still go about business as usual with affiliates programs, summits, and such. Hoopefully, I can get hte PC fixed, but at the very least, I can just copy the C Drive over to yet ANOTHER external, so that I won’t lose files and other data.


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