So en route homebound, I spotted an advert banner from HWY-101. While stuck in traffic, with one hand on the steering wheel and with the other hand on my cellphone, I opened up my Evernote and entered the website for browsing later on, which was a few minutes ago.

I like this mini-tracking stuff. It rocks. I want something for the beach, too. But I don’t sunbathe because I’m getting ‘tanned’. What kind of Filipino looks Asian with freckles and has a farmer’s tan?

Lots of innovative ideas in the Silicon Valley!

One thought on “20170627-2144-Stuff

  1. I’m thinking seriously about sunbathing with the iodine like I did in the 70’s. Back then we used the baby oil and tincture of iodine from the drug store. I remember having a nice glow, and also feeling real good. When I did that, I didn’t burn.

    Fast forward to now…. I’m going to be using the fractionated coconut oil and the strong Lugol’s. It should be even better. I figure it would make me look better. And then after showing, put on the colloidal copper lotion from Health Wyze. I need some sunlight Vitamin D, and if I keep dreaming about that nice glow back in the 70’s, then it’s a message that I should do it. I will be very careful and be tender to my skin.


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