Well my incoming thought indicated that all humanz must have a healthcare insurance or at least pay a fine.

This includes younger adults outside paternal insurance and elderly kinds, such as Medicare and Social Security, which may be phased out eventually.

Last week I wondered why property is better insured over insured humanz. And why can’t humanz just try Medicaid, which also must be phased out eventually.

Then after the trials and errors, let’s speed up allocation of healthcare services. I’d hate waiting.

One thought on “20170626-1109-Stuff

  1. My hubby has Medicare as part of his retirement, but I have NONE. I don’t work outside the home, nor do I use mainstream doctors. Insurance only covers mainstream stuff, and eventually all insurance will demand vaccines, which I will REFUSE. I couldn’t afford it anyway. I go to chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and naturopaths. None of them accept insurance. I pay cash and support the alternative and the good thing is that I can paypal ALL of them before appointments.

    I am considering that medical sharing that our fav surfer posted about one time, but at the moment, can’t afford even that. I’d just rather stay out of the system. Everything I do is in hubby’s name too.


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