In my OLD blogs, I mentioned ideas for the border wall – moat-filled reptilianz, tower-mounted lazerz, night vision, and ground sensors.

Now my incoming thought indicated that y’all have the military which could assist in enforcement of this border wall.

With the military, surely y’all can model the stuff after the Area 51. Y’all can also post those signs – No Trespassing Deadly Force Authorized.

If MAGA and pals are in serious business to secure our safety, y’all need to use deadly force. Authorize as necessary.

One thought on “20170628-1054-Stuff

  1. That’s EXACTLY what our military should be doing, instead of fight oil wars for the greedy satanists over in Saudi, Afghanistan, and BFE.

    And we should take good care of our boyz and men by NEVER shooting them up with vaccines. Vaccines should never be a condition for employment, deployment, health care jobs, nor education.


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