Well, tonight, I’ve learned stuff. In the above-referenced news link article, I learned that Android customers don’t update as readily as iOS customers. I didn’t know the cute little green Android belongs to Google while Apple takes a bite outta the iOS.

So I’ve been using the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But I’m finding that I’d rather have a two-inch width to hold in one palm than something as wide as a smartphone three-inch width.

I bought a Jelly, the smallest 4G smartphone. But I don’t know about its security. I didn’t know that iOS is a ‘closed system’ and is more ‘private’. I guess I should switch since it’s ‘user friendly’.

But I’ll wait until my stuff expires and find out later if it’s worth keeping my old stuff. I’m tempted to just donate and recycle because there’s too much clutter that I don’t wanna worry about.

One thought on “20170629-2321-Stuff

  1. Hello Flynn,

    Google seriously needs to fix the Android updating problem by taking an approach like desktop operating systems like Windows and most Linux distributions where they can control the updates because most companies selling phones with the Android operating system probably do not support updating to newer versions of Android, especially on low-to-mid range phones, and so most people with phones with the Android operating system have out-dated versions of Android that are vulnerable to various exploits and other things like that.

    Some Android based phones do get updates, but most probably do not get updated past one or two years while supposedly Apple usually supports their iOS based phones with updates for several years and longer than most Android based phones.

    But Apple products cost more than they should for the hardware you get, the operating system is closed source, their hardware often has unnecessary limits (lacking expanding memory storage et cetera), and so those are some of the things that I do not like about Apple.

    I never had a smart phone with either operating system yet but that is what I have read and seen so far, I want to get an Android based phone one day, but I have been holding out hoping that Google will fix their updating problem or that some company would come out with a budget phone that gets updates for at least two years.

    The Jelly smartphone sounds interesting for those who want a smaller phone, I will have to read more about it, hopefully they will support their devices and keep their users updated with the latest version of Android for at least two years or more.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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