Dear Lawd Gawd,

A few minutes ago, I’ve successfully Enabled, Bridged two devices – one is WiFi and the other Ethernet 2!

This is done via Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections. The connectivity status is called Network Bridge!

Now my old HP Pavilion Slimline (formerly Windows 7 now updating cumulative stuff for Windows 10) is ‘tethered’ to my new HP Envy!

My original goal was to ensure the safety of the wild baby parakeets, one of which got stuck in the corner upstairs. Rufus was rescued by me and cradled by mom before releasing him to Mel and Ralphy, who got stuck upstairs a few days ago. But she knows how to go downstairs, I think. 

So this morning I decide to take it slow, vacuum the dust from the furniture and the carpet, move the two heavy furniture in four sliding plastic disks flush against the wall, and brought down the old tower computer.

Yeah, so I wanted to use the old ASUS monitor and old HP keyboard and mouse for my myopic eyeballs. 

And I managed to squeeze my bulky Canon printer scanner, defunct Neat scanner which has been phased out as of today per email, and three freaking laptops downstairs in the corner! 

With my three freaking eReaders, one smartphone, and two power strips with all twelve outlets occupied, I’m ready to be productive!

I’ll keep my stuff and as per other smarty pants, use those as backup storage. Sheesh. 

I’m sure Das Squirrel and John Jr would be pleased at Flynn’s personal discovering as ‘self-supporting desktop specialist’. 

Proudly so, 

Evil Kitty

P.S. Flynn is currently depressurizing her back discs, painful neck, and pinched rotator cuffs. 

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