Dear Lawd Gawd, 

A few minutes ago, Dad checked our street-facing mailbox.

We received our refund check from the law offices located down by the ‘riverside’. The owner signed the check because I could feel and see the indentation of his signature through this piece of paper.

Also the check number of that of the Skulls and Bones. I kind y’all NOT! It’s real magic.

In the past week my Dad and I signed copies of the credit card transaction receipts, which were mailed thrice for four separate transactions. 

Outta the four, three were mailed back in our self-addressed stamped envelopes. The return label sports my name, address, a black cat on the left side and the following text: Harm None, Do As Thou Will. 

I’m sorry. Although the owner is a ‘Christian’, namely Mormon, although I’m a practicing Catholic, and though I’ve fascinated myself with Wiccan, I’m still here. 

Anyway, I finally received my two free plastic bottles for saline nasal wash, after submitting the receipt and two UPC labels from the packaging. 


Evil Kitty

P.S. Flynn is shocked that ET and pals continues to communicate through numerical values! 

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