Watch “Animals Starving Eat Plastic at Indonesian Zoos| The Dodo” on YouTube 20170701-2059. While we have MAGA and the fourth, hell exists in other parts of the world. This hellish planet must truly belong to Satan Lucifer. I'm NOT surprised that the Asian humanz are failures at keeping animals happy and alive. 


In the 'reversal', the 'fake' news can hold truths behind closed doors and as conspiratorial topics. But the Tweets is his 'reflection' of how mainstream ad nauseum news media has portrayed those in the public eyeballs - to turn the good upside-down and the bad as normalized. So if y'all can't take his barbaric 'tone' … Continue reading 20170701-1748-Stuff


Behold! After updating my Windows 10 with cumulative stuff, I've created a beach scene using the 3D Paint in Windows 10. This painting includes a palm tree with a fallen coconut, a crab, a sun, two flying birds, and two chemtrails. I need a stylus, though using Shrimpsei's orgonite-filled baton pen is too thick to … Continue reading 20170701-1144-Stuff