Hello my dear snowflakes,

Be NOT alarmed! But our fearless leader can do a smackdown on the oppositions to MAGA. Though he isn’t a ‘blackbelt’ like Mister Putin of Russia, the big guy knows how to entertain. Below are two samples of Donald’s Twitter posts.

In this Tweet, he shows us how to carefully to avoid that labeling of humanz as bad. In his genius, he knows how to avoid those legalities of slander and libel while exercising his freedom of speech. By calling our attention through their bad ratings, which reflects their bad behavior, thusly so as descriptive words, such as ‘crazy’ and ‘dumb as a rock’, he is telling the truth. He is NOT falsely accusing the victims with untruth, like what the Respondent living directly adjacent to us has done.

In this Tweet, he demonstrates that he’s tough against ‘fake news’, especially CNN. Heck all mainstream ad nauseum news media is ‘fake’, including conspiracy as found in YouTube bloggers. Although snowflakes may be sensitive to such violence, which is really professional wrestlers who know how to fall properly without too much injury to themselves and the use of fake blood for effects., viewer discretion is advised. In other words, y’all can stop following his Twitter accounts and basically turn off the television and other offensive propaganda. It’s that simple. Get over it. Move on with your lives and melt away. This is different from the robotic portrayal of Kathy Griffin holding the bloodied head of a Trump – a subject of instigating violence. This is different from the Julius Caesar in the park presentation of killing off Trump. This is not funny, though both are of the ‘creative arts’ genre. Designation to death and violence is NOT nice.

In this Tweet, he is sharing how freedom of speech is still intact. He is able to ‘poke fun’ at those who don’t get it. But when he posts his Tweet about others, snowflakes are then for some odd reason not able to laugh. That’s NOT fair either.

Take care,

Evil Kitty

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