[begin rant]

Yesterday at around 1814 PM, I sent a message to Das Squirrel that an old friend dropped by. He didn’t reply. That’s how much he really has nothing to do with his OLD family. I’d like to make that know on Facebook to his friends and relatives, but I don’t have a Facebook account.

Anyway, I was in front of my laptop computer trying to clean up my two external hard drive when Norman M rang the front door bell. I answered the door and couldn’t remember his name and thought that it’s Gilbert the oldest brother. He hasn’t changed his thickness. He looks like Pico, the fat bastard’s one and only son from a fourth cousin. He wears glasses and his pale in color compared to this darker siblings, parents, and Jane his wife who looks dark with an orangey coloration.

We learned that he audits physician’s notes that are supposed to be entered or NOT for proper claim to Medicare. He made the decision to move in Southern California because Gilbert requested a baby-sitter for his young child and decided to buy a single-story house for the sake of his mother!

He and his wife live down by the ‘riverside’, which is in between Los Angeles and San Diego, where Chuchill his younger sister resides. She is an Army nurse. His older brother Gilbert is serving over 22 years in the USN. These nice stories tell me that humanity is NOT that bad.

What gladdens Mom and I is that Norm (which is how his mother calls him) is VERY attentive to his elderly mother who broke her hip and had a left knee replacement last week. He carefully helped her in and outta the pale colored sedan, which was full of bird crap. His mother is skeletal and sports a big head. He even told us that he rented an RV for $1,300 a week to travel around town. He isn’t afraid to drive a big vehicle. That’s tells me is cares.

What saddens us is that both Das Squirrel and his dad fail to have the heart and concern to be more hands-on in the care and maintenance of their relationship with my elderly mother. They are the selfish genetics.

They refuse to lift a finger to those in need. Mom feels both are ashamed of being associated with the sick and dying. Even his Twit Wifey refused to take care of his elderly father when he was incontinent. So that says alot about the ongoing relationship. If only the Facebook fools would know the truth, that would be an eye opener.

For further example, I noticed that my first cousin Chill ‘pretended’ to fluff up the pillow of her mother within the one hour of visiting Ching’s death bed and prior to kicking us out via a text message. She even told Kathy my other cousin to ignore our presence.

As for Evil Kitty, she can barely keep up with this spread to be ‘nice’. Anyway, it makes no difference if they are Ilocano, like the Respondent living directly adjacent to us. Our local pastor is also Ilocano. Even our local politician TBB is Ilocano. Most of them who we spoke with after last Sunday’s wedding renewal vows are Ilocano.

So over dinner tonight, I mentioned through my recollection of inbreeding. The Ilocanos, Tongans and other sinful bloodlines of Cain (as per Alex Jones from his YouTube video on ‘Vampiric John Podesta Attacks Inforwars’) are good at inbreeding – by inter-marrying so as to keep the real properties/land resources within the families).

I noticed that the paler or lightening of the skin may be the result of inbreeding especially albinism. though the parental sets are of darkened skins. I see that in Pico, Norman, and of course the Respondent who is bat-shit crazy, which is prevalent among those inbreeding. I’m NOT surprised.

I don’t wanna make a big deal about the imperfections of inbred crazies but I could hold the County of Santa Clara county liable for NOT better controlling this bat-shit crazy Respondent. Even Norman wondered why the Respondent is roaming around in public. I think the Courts and LEOs are in cohorts against what I ‘know’. And that’s NOT magic.

[/ end rant]

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