Well, we’re here at the ER. Mom is a frequent flyer.

1. Donated whole blood. 0715-0745, wheelchair guy wouldn’t me in until Shelley and then Tran logged into the computer. Asian guy’s donor card wouldn’t register, especially if he hasn’t donated in three years. Then I was next – my donor card worked. 0745-0800, got registered with Shelley who took my vitals and consents while trainee hovers. 0800-0810, Tran wouldn’t fish for my left veins and switched with Dionecio who found my right veins. 0810-0815, fleshy plump bag of blood was filled. 0820-0835, snacked on two cranberry and one orange juice mini cans and one mixed nuts.

2. Then I went home to pee, take the ECH email courtesy reminder phone call, and napped in front of the first of four videos before 7/12, the day of TAVR surgery for Mom.

3. They came home and ate breakfast but mom reported feeling very bad and had to go to the car early, leaving Dad to pay incorrect amount of $70 for fruits and snacks! 

4. We went back to the store and spoke with the manager who claimed that the keying or code of the sesame snack cubes were done in error. That’s false because the Barcode showed $2.99, not $32.99. So here in yet another sample of cover up. Mom didn’t want to make a big deal towards the old Chinese checker. So they gave us thirty back without tax! Dad’s reptilian, err, guardian angel via the Holy Spirit guided Dad to recheck the receipt for the $5.79 Taiwanese Toast bread on top and the overcharge below. 

5. I took a quick nap and was awoken by Dad to call 911, who are well-scripted. I tried 9111 on my smartphone but that was wrong. I tried the landline but they were busy! I told them, Mom is having chest pains. Then the call was transferred. Then the operator walked through the process and on the minutes the EMS # 48 came, sprayed nitroglycerin once into mom’s mouth to relieve pain. For came then the driver, then the boss guy. We traveled ten miles per hour slower than my usual 80 mph. Her vitals were 220 over 100 something.

6. At 1430, we’ve arrived through the ambulance entrance. At 1500, Dad and I ate self served food – pizza and lasagna with green beans. At 1520, Das Squirrel came and had his chocolate pudding too. Yummy.

7. I’m blogging. I’ve switch with Dad so that he and his boy wonder can lift their fingers for the elderly mother. See? Karma! The other karma is Mom’s complaint that we’re spending too much and the Lawd Gawd was testing if we’re capable of handling to loss of $30, which we recovered. I later told her to let go of worries of monies, or bane.

8. I’m fat! [/ end rant]

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