Well, let’s MAGA. He is correct. Let’s not have guilty feelings, stop whining, complaining, and belly-aching. Why, do you agree with the late great Mister John Wayne? Are you racist? No you damn fools. Let me illustrate in real life examplars.

On July the third, Mom experienced chest pains and the County of Santa Clara | Emergency Management Services blue-colored vehicle numbered 48 took her to the ECH ER.

The Respondent living directly adjacent to us opened her garage door to see what is going on. Why won’t the County of Santa Clara lock this crazy bitch in the asylum? She is supposed to STAY AWAY 50 yards from us per the Court. I don’t know why I’m still living in this liberal, progressive county and country!

Around that evening past 1830 PM, the blackish kid got into a triad with Mom. The kid said she doesn’t celebrate the fourth of July. She celebrates her independence on June 19, the day her enslaved people were set free. That’s what she loves about America – twits like her can do whatever she wants! OMG!

Now, I was smiling widely and trying to say anything or get involved with the humorous side of their debate.

Mom told the kid with the upswept hair door that her own people sold themselves to the owners. This was said after she got into Mom’s face and asked her twice: Did you want to come here? Did you want to come here?

In the end, Mom inserted that she needed to learn her history. In other words and short of saying that the educational system was indocrinating skulls full of mush, Mom ‘won’.

Anyway, wherever we go, my parents, most especially my Mom, are surrounded by Communists or at least aggressive reptilianz. The dork knows what I mean. It goes with the spread.

Yeah, so happy fourth yesterday. We celebrated inside the room, which has triple digits of numerical value of three. I took photos of the wide screen LG smart television set. There is only one bed here and two chairs, one bed lounge chair, and another side sitting chair for the patient.

Mom gets to go home tomorrow. She’s frequent flyer. That’s what we love about America. She’s able to have great health care insurance because she was able to work long and hard for, you guessed it, 33 years, in a beast system.

She doesn’t know what that means. But she feels blessed nonetheless to have the care and treatment of those who are paid well to do MAGA! Mom told the blackish kid that she’s America and celebrate the fourth like everyone else.


20170705-1213-Addendum: In my OLD blog, I mentioned that if no one did anything to you, your person or your property, y’all, especially successive generations, shouldn’t have ‘hurt feelings’ if the first batch of workers endured in unfortunate conditions. We’re all the same red blood. 

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