The Lawd Gawd has answered my prayers! While Mom is still pulling my white or gray hairs, I wanted a Google news article that would help explain my nagging thoughts – to retract my opinion that Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and pals must be phased out eventually. 

Sometimes described as Medicare for all, single-payer is a system in which a public agency handles health care financing while the delivery of care remains largely in private hands.”

After Mom has been admitted to the hospital over the Fourth of July holiday, the single payer system has and will work. We just need EVERYONE signed on so the actuaries and pals can calculate the lowest cost, price possible.

For without Medicare, Mom wouldn’t have emergency care and a ‘new heart’ via TAVR scheduled next Wednesday.

For without Medicaid, or MediCal here in California, I would have benefits of dental, medical, prescription medications, and other stuff.

So yeah these socialize benefits are useful as long as we ALL can reciprocate our useful value as hard working citizens.

And that’s where America works, to allow certain amount of creativity, innovation, and functionality for those who are abnormal, too.

Amen. Yup.

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