Daily Job Cuts – Layoff News , Job Layoffs 2017 / 2016 , Bankruptcy, Store closings, Business Economy News


Currently, Mom is pulling my white or gray hairs from my head in the sewing, piano room with a westward, sun setting facing window. I had just taken a shower after a bunch of errands.

After meeting with Jobelle, the RN, after eating lunch, and after washing dishes and cleaning up Dad and I got dressed and ready to go out. 

1. We went to the local gasoline station where I got a free wash for dusty my Ford Mustang due to morning dew and ensuing dust sticking on said water, especially my windows. 

For thirty minutes, we waited patiently. The idiots locked my keys, which was still in the ignition, inside my car! The boss used a narrow galvanized piece of metal and unlocked the passenger side door. The success was after I made the sign of the cross. We tipped six dollars anyway. The were about a dozen hard workers.

2. We picked up medications – one for Dad and one for Mom.

3. We withdrew $4000 in twenties for spending. The last large transaction was back in May. I guess we eat too much fast food and buy other grocery food. We don’t go out to dine but buy cooked food, which is salty yet convenient. 

4. We got gasoline for my car. For the second time, I used my new Fuel Rewards card, which saves five cents per one gallon. First, swipe the Fuel Rewards card. Second, make payment in cash, credit or debit. 

So that’s one day’s activity aside from doing daily chores. This brings me back to the above-referenced weblink. While waiting at the car wash, I came across the website listing news related links of layoffs and closures! Sears is closing stores! Microsoft is laying off! 

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