Behold! I’ve learned how to share ‘HOMEGROUP’ between my laptop and desktop! I’m smart! Yup.

So my goal is to get rid of redundant stuff. I’ve restored my OLD Lenovo ideaPad laptop to its initial setup so that I could donate it to the recyclers. I was going to do the same to my desktop. But I didn’t want to mess up the free download Windows 10.

I had to ‘turn off password protected sharing’ in order to share files and to ‘include in library’. I did that for both machines.

I still have my two external hard drives. But the ‘backups’ are stored without the normal ‘trees’ for ease of retrieval.

So I’m testing this ‘sharing options’ to help keep both machines relatively synced. But I wanted the ‘portable sdd’ drive as my keepsake in case the SHTF.

Why is this taking too long? Which wires can I use to speed it up? What am I doing wrong? Must I learn the hard way?

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