http://radioalice.cbslocal.com/2017/07/09/san-jose-most-unaffordable-city/ That's nice. But Mom wonders how is the Respondent able to live directly adjacent to us with two ROs on file, with part-time job, with jobless children in their twenties - one who used to work and one who stays locked inside his room. It's the renters who are being duped. I alone am … Continue reading 20170709-2118-Stuff


Behold! After one week of self-education as an desktop support specialist, I've successfully connected to my server! I'm smart! Yup! How did you do it, oh wise smarty pants? Well, idiots, like most humanz, I learned the hard way - by searching online! For Windows 10: First, type 'Command Prompt' in the Cortana search bar … Continue reading 20170709-1906-Stuff