Behold! After one week of self-education as an desktop support specialist, I’ve successfully connected to my server! I’m smart! Yup!

How did you do it, oh wise smarty pants? Well, idiots, like most humanz, I learned the hard way – by searching online!

For Windows 10:

First, type ‘Command Prompt’ in the Cortana search bar way on the bottom left of the screen and hit enter to return results.

Second, type ‘ipconfig‘ and hit enter to return results. Make a note of the IP address designated as IPv4 Address.

For macOS Sierra (my long stretch of Road):

Third, open System Preference, highlight Wi-Fi, click the Advanced button, click the WINS tab, enter your NetBIOS name as found under Control Panel > System and Security > System > Full computer name of Windows 10, and WORKGROUP, click OK.

Fourth, go and Connect to Server (Command + K), enter your freaking name used to log into Windows 10 (which is my freaking email address) and passcode (which is my freaking email password).

Voila! But this connection is freaking slow! As large files are being copied for two hours! I give up! Kill me now with everlasting peace!

Anyway, I’ll need a Thunderbolt connection. I don’t know what is this Thunderbolt thingy. I’ve tried other connectors via the USB 3.1 and whatever.

One thought on “20170709-1906-Stuff

  1. Since I’m on a MAC now, I’m having to look everything up too. If my PC can’t be fixed, at least copy the C Drive onto an external HD, so that I can sift out what I want to keep, including finding the rest of my passwords and logins. I have the most important ones to be able to function online and the affiliate programs, so it’s not the end of the world.


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